Deutz Frontloader Silage Fork


deutzfrontloadersilagefork deutzfrontloadersilagefork2 deutzfrontloadersilagefork3 deutzfrontloadersilagefork4 deutzfrontloadersilagefork5

This clamp can be crap, silage, grass and straw load.

Capacity: 3000 liters

Price: 2000 €

Maintenance costs: 5 € / day

It is the original Silagezange and was extended in order to absorb grass and straw.

It is not intended by the game to unload a filled with chopped Shiloh before the fermentation again. Also, no straw or grass swaths can be taken from the field.


Giants – Urmodel
JoPim – Erweiterung[wpfilebase tag=file id=187 /]


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