Deutz 54h5H v 1.2 [MP]


Deutz 54h5H

Deutz 54h5H

Deutz 54h5H

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Since I only have a few small Drescher fallen for the beginning or smaller maps.

Had I times the standard Deutz 5465H rebuilt, or to my needs, so as I please.

Need no great frills. Just as blinkers, etc. Lighting script was indeed installed, but only because of the RUL. Otherwise, it has the standard lighting.

Before he soured on my hard drive, I thought I part it with you. Perhaps he can even use one or the other also.

Changes from the standard version:

Grain tank increased to 6500 liters
Kraftsoftank increased to 650 liters
Cubemap deleted from the I3d, thereby no longer shines.
Speed increased to 30 km / h
Increased Abtankgeschwindogkeit
RUL flashes now, at 85% of the grain tank
Installed ESLimiter
Installed TreshingCounter

Cutting is none here, it may be the standard to be used.



Scripts: Manuel leithner, Sven777b


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