Course Play Developer Version Updater V



This Application Downloads and Installs Courseplay Developer Version with a simple click and creates a backup of previous version.


Change Log:

Changed Entry to Courseplay_Updater_Settings.ini “Version Backups= 10 / 0 & False Disables this feature”. (v1.0.0.8) (v1.0.0.8)
Added Last Run: Time – Date to log file. (v1.0.0.8)
Added compatibility to run from Task Scheduler. (v1.0.0.8)
Added more debugs to log file. (v1.0.0.8)
Added Popups on Errors, Warnings and Completion. (v1.0.0.8)
Added Entry to Courseplay_Updater_Settings.ini “Popup Messages=True\False”. (v1.0.0.8)
Added Entry to Courseplay_Updater_Settings.ini “Main Directory=”. (v1.0.0.8)
Renamed Settings.ini to Courseplay_Updater_Settings.ini. (v1.0.0.8)

Changed Folder Layout. (v1.0.0.7)
Fixed random temp files. (v1.0.0.7)
Added Entry to Settings.ini “Version Backups= 10”. (v1.0.0.7)
Removed Backup Time & Date replaced with number. (v1.0.0.7
Added more debugs to log file. (v1.0.0.6)
Fixed Backup Time & Date Formats. (v1.0.0.6)
Fixed Farming Simulator Running bug on Windows XP. (v1.0.0.6)
7zip is no longer required to be installed (v1.0.0.5)
Added Settings.ini to change Log file and Mod Directories (v1.0.0.4)
Added Settings.ini to change Log file and Mod Directories (v1.0.0.4)
Added Support for Windows Xp/Vista/7/8 (v1.0.0.4)
Backup Previous Versions of Courseplay. (v1.0.0.3)
Downloads and Installs Courseplay Developer Version. (v1.0.0.0)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warning From The Courseplay Developer Team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning: the developer version may and will contain errors, bugs, mistakes and unfinished code. Chances are you computer will explode when using it. Twice. If you have no idea what “beta”, “alpha”, or “developer” means and entails, steer clear. The Courseplay team will not take any responsibility for crop destroyed, savegames deleted or baby pandas killed.
You have been warned.

Ian898 Comment: Please Report any errors to github issues with full details issue as well as a clear description of problem as well as your log error.


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