Claas Orbis 750 Washable Final

claas-orbis-750-waschbar-final--2 claas-orbis-750-waschbar-final--22 claas-orbis-750-waschbar-final--23

Claas Orbis 750 Washable Final Cutter

UV – Bug fixed.


feed particles


Animated feed discs

and you can just chop corn with it, no sunflowers, no grain and no grass.


Moddel/Textur LS11: unbekannt

Scripts: Gigants, SFM, Mr. F, Heady

Umbau: Stafan Maurus

LS 13 Ready, neuer Skin/DirtSkin: Thomas

Icon of ClaasOrbis750V3 ClaasOrbis750V3 (1.9 MiB)

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