Claas Lexion 550 V 3.3 MR


claas-lexion-550--8 (1) claas-lexion-550--8 (2) claas-lexion-550--8 (3) claas-lexion-550--8 (4) claas-lexion-550--8After such a long time has now arrived. The new version of the Lexion 550 is finally available for download.

Actually, I do not want to talk much around, but I just want to again thank all who have helped me.


Lexion 550:

IC: For the extra cameras

Animated grain tank and animated head

Animated straw chopper

Indoor sound

Dynamic exhaust smoke

Particlesystem while driving on the field

“Seat suspension”

Manually unloading

Real Lights Support

Slope compensation for all cutting units



Cameras (only in V750)

Slow in and unscrew the reel etc

mountable (For Header Trailer)

Conspeed 6-75:


Slow in and unscrew the reel etc

mountable (For Header Trailer)

Header Trailer:

Real Lights Support

(“Append” default script for the reapers) MountAttacher


You need a patch 2.0. So currently a beta patch. In addition, you should have Modsordner to see flashlights etc cana version of RealLight mods.

Download the patch:

Real Lights: (from V0.98 Modcontest also works.)

– The mod can, using the original download links, to be offered at all sites for download. Use in packs after consultation via PN. This also applies to individual parts.

– It’s permitted to offer the mod for download on other pages as long as the original download link is used. If youwant to use it in a pack, PM me. If you want to use any parts of this mod, you have to ask for permission first.

Otherwise, have fun with the thresher. 🙂


Lexion 550:

Modell: Stehbeni, Nickel77, MF2, RA-Modding, Shangri66, Michi77

Textur: Stehbeni, VMarci, Michi77, RA-Modding, Mobius, MF2

Ingame: Stehbeni, VMarci, Michi77, 619Tobias619

Script: SFM, Knagsted, Michi77, FIAT80-90DT, Bluebaby210, webalizer


Modell: Siwus, Michi77, MF2
Textur: Siwus, Michi77, MF2
Ingame: Siwus, Michi77, MF2
Script: SFM, Michi77

Conspeed 6-75FC:

Modell: Burner, Michi77, MF2
Textur: Michi77, MF2
Ingame: Burner, Michi77
Script: SFM, Michi77

Claas Schneidwerkswagen:

Modell: xXMalleXx, Michi77
Textur: xXMalleXx
Ingame: xXMalleXx, Michi77
Script: SFM, Michi77[wpfilebase tag=file id=3563 /]


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