Sprinter 315 v 1.0


sprinter-315-4x4-maxi-bf3 sprinter-315-4x4-maxi-bf31 sprinter-315-4x4-maxi-bf33 sprinter-315-4x4-maxi-bf34 sprinter-315-4x4-maxi-bf35

Today you, the modding Factory Sprinter 315 4×4 Maxi as Begleitfahrzeug3 at disposal.

The model comes from GTS / ETS and has been extensively remodeled.

what it has done it all:

Animated doors, warning construction and many other beautiful things were made. to the doors is going to tell the driver and passenger doors from the inside and on the slide, and the doors must be opened from the outside at the rear of the.

what it has everything for functions:

Doors to open, animated trailer coupling may need to be placed on the shelf, warning sign to reveal, tank and seeding trigger.

Rar must be unpacked in the Rar is the Sprinter and a Skinpack


Modell: GTS/ Turbobandit DE
Sounds: OM 366 Power LS13
Lightcoronas:Werkstattleiter[wpfilebase tag=file id=2677 /]


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