Car wash v 1.0 [SP]


Car wash

Car wash

Car wash

Here now shut the car wash with function to your filth monsters end

Whether tractor, implement, thresher and reaper (reapers are also on the cutting unit carriage to put through the wash) or other washable items

Here you get everything clean and like new, now has the arduous by hand Abkärchern an end

The reason Halle is “erteillt release” of professional movie

Renovation and the installation of some details of my book hauer

But the biggest thanks to Blacky gaht without him this would not be anything he has become possible you made to work “release erteillt”

I also attached a declaration of incorporation with the ZIP

Log all error-free thanks to Blacky




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  1. Julius says:

    geras modas

  2. Julius says:

    o kaip riaike plauti!

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