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License plate with registration + consequential or subsidiary risk label

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book hauer

book hauer

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It is an object which has to be fitted to vehicles and equipment !
A place in the mods folder has no effect and does not function!

================================================== =========
Use of the mark in the game
================================================== =========
We are the times of which the installation is correct !

After the purchase of a vehicle or device, the plate holder is only visible
However , no label , so this is correct.
Rises her in the car or couples her the device to appear in the Help window (top left )
“Allow vehicle ” option with the appropriate key configuration ( how to use these in the
Can change game options , if necessary, I have probably not PC gamers explain ) .
We press than the indicated key configuration and a flag overlay appears with
Directional arrows and a red cross ( cancel the approval process ) and a green
( To the approval process to complete ) hook .
With clicks on the directional arrows , the 8 alphanumeric characters (Strict , according Highway Code andRoad Traffic Regulation )
be freely selected , spaces are also possible.
After admission, complete ( green tick ), the indicator automatically in the brackets
clamped and thus visible.
This applies ONLY to the mark which are licensed , consequential or supplementary indicator
strictly adopt the characteristics of the coupled device or vehicle!
(Example to everyone knows : rear carrier for bicycles , license plate of the carrier vehicle without Plaketen )
Each plate with admission to ON SAME vehicle and receives the selected ( in the authorization process )
Mark , as I said, only follow-up or additional marks shall be the exception.
Follow-up or additional label would work on all devices which can be attached !
Then make sense if the actual characteristics of the carrier vehicle is covered by the device ,
for example, when a large weight forward, a Sähmaschine back etc etc.

Of course, you can also attach anywhere else on the vehicle / equipment the plate, makes as you are funny .
Likewise, ye must in the tag selection not to the Highway Code or STVZO hold but can also names or
Set imagination plate, I’ll leave your discretion.

================================================== =========
Description for the installation of the license plate with registration
Description of the mounting of license plate without approval
================================================== =========

The folder “textures ” , “shader “, ” i3d_shapes ” and the color folder with the desired characteristics
copy it to the directory of the mod where the license plate should be installed .
It also unterscheidliche several colors per vehicle are possible , just as you please .
Open the vehicle / equipment I3D with the GIANTS Editor ( at least 5.0.3 )
The or import the desired characteristics and place them on or in the vehicle
Index values of the mark recording, as if Plaketen should be hidden at which indicator
Save the vehicle / equipment I3D and close GIANTS Editor
Open XML of the vehicle / equipment and make the necessary entries (see { COUNTRY } _Vehicle_XML_Entrys.txt )
Save the vehicle / equipment XML and close
Open modDesc.xml of the vehicle / equipment and make the necessary entries (see { COUNTRY } _modDesc_XML_Entrys.txt )
Save the vehicle / equipment modDesc.xml and close
Grab the whole mod again in a ZIP archive and test the game

================================================== =========
================================================== =========
The individual index values for backlit indicator, the individual letters and the Plaketen
are preset in the user attributes of the respective indicator. Normally you need it
not be rotated , which have been all set correctly by me


Tests: buchhauer, Marc85
Texte EN: chromachio

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