Bizon Z056 Super 7 v 1.0


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Bizon Z056/ 7, that is super on the chassis of the record. It is replica of the combine harvester which every the season at me he/she is failing. Copied in the 90%. He has real sounds and a lot of curiosities.

The combine harvester has:

– steered throat with mouse

– opened door (Key 5 zamukanie 6)

– opened window (key the T but closing at)

– opened side flaps (the V key along the climb)

– opened flap of the radiator (C key along the climb)

– opened engine housing (key M after podejsciu)

– chaff-cutter put on (key M along the climb)

– spreading the chaff-cutter (key L along the climb and the X key starting the chaff-cutter)

– moving pivot

– many movable elements

– real exhaust fumes

– pipe rozkladana along the climb (the X key, pouring key about)

– steered throat mouse

Heder has:

– plant animated films of mowing

– regulated motowid?a (num 8 5 4 6)

Cultivations: basic

Pojemnosc of the container: 2500

Width hedera: 4.2 m


Author: Marcello1942 & Asd4

Amendments: Bociek

Model of the chaff-cutter: u95

The programming of the chaff-cutter and cabins: Dawider

Skinhead: erwick3 & Pavson69

Calibrating, wheels, cabin, additional components, adding PS, the improvement in the motor activity of the ride itd: Pavson69

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