Bizon Z050 cap

Bizon Z050 cap

Bizon Z050 cap


First you punch B then C and then f2 (You can first b then f2 and then k, as one who believes)

You approach the forage and you click G to enable or disable

Podnoszisz / leave the Page Up or Page Down also pick-LPM are leaving -ppm (if it does not work, you have to assign the game in the options / controls)

If you want to change the webcam with a seat in the ass on the condition yourself to combine this key is re- leased Home or click on the scroll (just like does not work you have to assign a key in the game)
More is a’ll see in the game


Authors: Marcello1942, Asd4
Edit: Grzesiok1224

Download mod:


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