Amazone ZA M


amazone-za-m-1201-fertilizer-spreader amazone-za-m-1201-fertilizer-spreader1 amazone-za-m-1201-fertilizer-spreader2 amazone-za-m-1201-fertilizer-spreader3 amazone-za-m-1201-fertilizer-spreader4

Just like you feed your livestock to keep it healthy and productive, you need to do the same for your crops. To ensure productive crops, you need a quality spreader in addition to good fertilizer. With the Amazone ZA-M 1201, you have a reliable mid-range fertilizer spreader, combining capacity with compact design.

– Open and close the cover to protect your load.
– Add or remove the hopper extension to create or remove extra capacity.
– Use a fertilizer trigger or our Bulk Handling Equipment to fill the spreader.
– Adjust your spreading width according to the size of your field.


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