Amazone self-propelled sprayer


amazone-selbstfahrspritze amazone-selbstfahrspritze1 amazone-selbstfahrspritze2

Hey guys, here I have an Amazon self-propelled sprayer for you, this is the original’ve only installed much new. I wish you much fun while spraying. Mfg. Wusti


beleuchtungV31.lua by Sven777b
DrivingParticleSystem.lua by Manuel Leithner
IndoorSound.lua by Manuel Leithner
InteractiveBackupCam.lua by Manuel Leithner
InteractiveButtons by Manuel Leithner
InteractiveCamera by Manuel Leithner
realExhaustParticleSystemV3.lua by modelleicher
SprayCapacityWarning.lua by Bluebaby210
Tractorgreenstar.lua by Patar
Washable.lua by Manuel Leithner
wheelParticle.lua by Unbekannt
Umbau by Wusti

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