Amazone 16001 T 48 Row Planter V 3.0



Hi , I present you today an Amazon 16001 t 48 row planter zuverfügung it’s not my factory I only have the capacity changed from 15020 to 30000 you can sow and fertilize at the same time with fertil running it from so that you can fully participate and fertil but you can the fertil also turn off and you can even use the helper and custom one repays a weight from 1200kg and the span is 33 meters long

and the sow everything
Sows : wheat , canola , barley , corn , grass , sugar . beets , potatoes , sorghum , soybeans , sunflower , peas , peanuts hemp , millet .

the purchase price is € 465,000

and you need the patch 2.0 or better


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