Age homemade tractor v 1.0


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I present:

the homemade tractor, equipped with a horizontal single-cylinder evaporator motor.

The tractor has 17 ps and mately 20 km / h Sometime in the 1940-50s by

built a Czech farmers and imported from a Dutch importer tractor

do you now have the opportunity to acquire this extremely rare piece of agricultural heritage.

And have used this opportunity! Thanks a lot rumgefrage and a single inspection with certificate has the

Tractor also a valid street legal.

This mod is the first tractor that I built completely in single-handedly.

The only part that I have not modeled is the driver of Giants.

I am someone who really like to implement its own ideas. In the form there were and are the

Tractor is not in real life.

Who does he like = like

Who do not like it ignore = easy and not complain rum

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Function scope:

Full animated (steering, brake pedal + linkage, throttle + linkage, hand throttle + linkage)

Wipers on KP 8

Show crankshaft to KP 7

Show cabin on KP 5

-Open the hood on KP 4

Windbreak on KP 6

-Idle on KP + –

Wheel particle


-Animated speedometer and temperature indicator

Turn Signal Left / Right

-Animated Flywheel and alternator

Have fun with the tractor


3D Modell: MrFox
Texturen: MrFox, mit Samples von Michl²
Ingame: MrFox
Sounds: Youtube
Scripte: Sven777b, JoXXer, Michl2, ?, Templaer, modelleicher[wpfilebase tag=file id=2463 /]


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