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Chassis has been redesigned and standard couplings K80 (turntable, etc.) have been added. Handling characteristics have been revised.

Input Bindnig’s

<input name=”worklightsfront” key1=”KEY_5″ button=”” />

<input name=”worklightsback” key1=”KEY_6″ button=”” />

<input name=”A_Kupplung” key1=”KEY_lshift KEY_5″ button=”” />

<input name=”K_Kupplung” key1=”KEY_lshift KEY_5″ button=”” />

A big thank you goes to the LU Lindemann team for many Tips & testing.

I hope I have made with the construction of the Actros your interest. With pos. or negative opinions I have no prob. as long as they are useful and not so give a crap as it too often here.


Modell Lindemann / Lordtex
Textur Lindemann
Ingame Lindemann[wpfilebase tag=file id=1490 /]


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