Mtz50 by Modmens


fsScreen_2013_10_25_23_00_09 - Copy fsScreen_2013_10_25_23_00_58 - Copy fsScreen_2013_10_25_23_01_02 - Copy fsScreen_2013_10_25_23_01_27 - Copy fsScreen_2013_10_25_23_01_31 - Copy fsScreen_2013_10_25_23_01_50 fsScreen_2013_10_25_23_02_04 fsScreen_2013_10_25_23_02_38 fsScreen_2013_10_25_23_02_49Mods Management:
Turns: Kp_1 3
Three lights on spogo: Kp_5
Sources of light: Kp_6
Hydraulic lift with END DEL
Doors: Kp_4 6
Chopped: Kp_7
Windows: Kp_8
Sick puts the N

Mods include:
Powered door handles
To take off and put on sick
Moving gauze pedal
Moving the clutch pedal
opens chopped
There are 3 chambers
Good lights animation


Emilis, ModMens Edit : mtz-2l [wpfilebase tag=file id=1075 /]


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