2450 Unimog TLF

unimog-2450-tlf unimog-2450-tlf2


Modell/ Textur: Marc85/Fire-Technology
Ingameing: Marc/ TTModding Team
Sounds: Giants/ SCS Software / Starscream/ Eddi Vegas
Scripte: Modelleicher/ Amarlich/ Face/ Sven777b/ Manuel Leithner/ Burner/ MMAgrarservice/ Templaer/ Skullman/ Blacky_BPG
Animation: Marc85/ MaxiFendt /Trabby76
Reifen: Unknow
Feuerwehr Modi: Fire-Technology
Hilfestellung und Tipps: Timber131/ Marc85 /Trabby76 / Modelleicher/ MaxiFendt

Icon of Unimog2450 TLF Unimog2450 TLF (26.1 MiB)

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