1955 Farmall 300


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This is a 1955 Farmall 300 tractor. This tractor does not have a 3 point hitch so only trailed implements can be used with it and is rated @ 33 HP/24 KW with a top speed of 16.1 mph (26 kph). It also comes with a manual ignition and choke for cold start and added realism. The choke must be engaged to start the tractor. When the engine reaches the running temperature the choke can be switched off. If the choke is turned off too soon, the engine will stall. The manual start controls are “CTRL + Y” to engage/disengage choke and “Y” to start the engine.


Model/Textures: Kaosknite
Ingame Testing: Dr.Uptown, KaosKnite
MP testing: Dr.Uptown, KaosKnite
Scripts:smokingFarmer: Xentro, manualIgnition: Xentro – edited by Dr.Uptown

 Download: 1955 Farmall 300


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