Realistic Economy and New Trailer Weight v 4




V4 Changelog:

-Fixed driver revenue with more accurate values
-Fixed fuel consumption drop
-Fixed player revenue with more accurate values
-Changed truck refund
-Fixed driver maintance cost
-Fixed driver hire cost
-Drivers will always find a cargo

V3 Changelog:

-Garage upgrade cost changed
-Garage productivity plan changed
-Number of trucks to buy online is set to 2
-Driver revenue changed
-Player revenue changed
-25000XP points for parking the trailer-doesn’t really matter,it’s
them who still have levels on the parts
-Interior sound increase
-Bug with Lumber cargo fixed
-New bank loans
-New game starts with 20.000Euro

V2 Changelog:

-Speed limit set to 85KM/H
-Problem with driver’s pay fixed and salary edited
-Revenue per km has been fixed
-Garage productivity plan has been fixed for each garage level
-Truck and trailer damage has been fixed and set more realistic
-Truck offers,are now real offers with some serious discount

V1 First Release


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