Krampe Trailer Pack

krampe-trailer-pack krampe-trailer-pack1 krampe-trailer-pack2 krampe-trailer-pack3 krampe-trailer-pack4 krampe-trailer-pack5 krampe-trailer-pack6 krampe-trailer-pack8

Das Pack besteht aus:

  • Krampe Gülle Zubringer und Transporter (48.000 Liter)
  • Krampe Miststreuer (30.000 Liter)
  • Krampe Milchtransporter (48.000 Liter)
  • Krampe Wassertransporter (48.000 Liter)
  • Krampe Schweinetransporter (max. 40 Schweine)



Modelle: [FSM]Atabogo
Texturen/InGame: [FSM]Chefkoch
Räder: agrotron 155
Scripts: Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, Marhu, Outlaw, [FSM]Chefkoch

Icon of Krampe Trailer Pack Krampe Trailer Pack (48.6 MiB)

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