Multi Mowing v 3.1


Multi Mowing

This mod enhances the functionality of mowers to mow cereal and an increase in yield of grassland fertilization. The latter is a demand for the manure / dung-Mod.

The mod works globally, that is, it is available without tags in all mowers that use the standard “mower” -spezi. Simply the mod-zip in the mods folder and-ready.


It can be cut with a mower now everything that drops a swath. In normal mature cereal straw is stored, but more than if you were just thrash. Fertilization is also included in income.

Green cereal (one step before ripe, just like the Grünhäcksel-Mod) can also be cut without yield loss. Earlier Wachsstumsstufen can also mow, but here is the biomass yield significantly lower.

Mowing one green corn, this Grasschwad is stored. This can now be pressed as a GPS Replacement collected with the loader wagon or chopped with the pickup.

Since the multi-Fruit-mod is not yet ready for LS15 (good things take time) is eliminated support for a special Grünschwad type. Will probably not introduced for various reasons.

Grassland fertilization:

Finally, one can sense his manure (also crap) be fertilized grassland again. However, this second function works only on maps, where the slurry manure-lime Mod (GMK) is installed. One of the first examples of the LS15 is the MIG-map that accompanies the current GMK mod too. Simply the field boundaries detection off and druff it.

It now mow a meadow supplied with organic fertilizer increased the yield when mowing and fertilizer is removed. The manure / dung textures take over virtually the spray-layer function fields. This also means that the Schiete must be new for each growth cycle of the meadow.

The whole thing is of course again MP-capable.

In keeping with the multiMowing this weekend still appears as the second nachwachsend Nicholas gift an update of the MIG-Celle map, on the clover and alfalfa and silage wagon / forager Works will be installed.

The mod is not easily converted only by LS13 – which has one or the other of you surely already made himself – but has missed getting a long-planned overhaul.


Skript/Idee: upsidedown
Artwork: Eribus


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