Kuhn Profile 1880 v 1.0


Kuhn Profile 1880


First to me I’ll start just to modding and mods etc. umzubauenb. Say improvements to this and following mods I have to make sure yet. Constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome to Mod.

Why this mod?

I had to be honest no desire for the original Kuhn mixer feeders. Ok yes I know this is the appearance of the originals of Giants. But scripts were excessively’re a little what changed. Because as I said I’ll start just as with the modding on etc.. The changes are also listed below.

What has been changed to the original?


Now grain can be mixed with (rape, wheat, barley, grain maize)
Root crops can now also be blended with (potatoes, sugar beet)

I just found it more realistic that one grain and root crops can with mixing. Maybe it’s a few of you even so and they can use this mod. ­čÖé

What is planned for V1.1?

Have now displays the indicator on the top left only mixed ration and no matter what is in it 100% mixed ration. That should change in the next version of course. Then to the car between silage, grain, straw and may differ Erdfr├╝chten top left in the% bar so you have a realistic perfect mixed ration.

Closing Remarks

I hope some of you can order what to do. I also hope that I can do the changes to V1.1)


Giants, JohnDeereFreak94


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