GRIMME TECTRON v 1.2 MAXTRON v 1.0 & GL660 v 1.2



Tectron 415 wide, Fixed the front Spotlight which stopped working on the last version and tweaked the trailer auto fill trigger which now seems to be working ok.
Approx 18 kmh working speed, 70000 capacity, washable and multiplayer. 150000 to buy, 150 daily cost’s

Maxtron 620 wide. 70000 capacity, approx 18kmh working speed, custom header attachments and it all still animates perfectly. Washable and multiplayer. 150000 to buy, 150 daily cost’s. This still needs minor tweaks which will be in the next version.

Grimme GL660 I just needed a faster planter so it’s operating speed is 25kmh with 9000 capacity and a 900ltr per second fill rate. 5000 to buy ans 10 daily cost’s.

Unzip the archive and you’ll have a zip for each machine to place in your mod folder.


Giants , Smithey1203 and Stevie.


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