Arcusin ForStack 8 12 v 1.5 Clean


Arcusin ForStack 8 12

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Bales accumulator system that is patented and unique in the market.

A light machine with great handling qualities that makes it possible to access more remote and complicated areas.

Works in the same way as other implements.

Two download options:

Accumulated: At the bottom of the field.

Dispersal: randomly in the field.

Compatible with all types of large rectangular bales.

Ideal for quickly cleaning fields, direct sales and lorry loading.


Key X: Work Mode / Transport Mode

Key KP 7: Attach Bales / Release Bales

Key KP 8: Lift Up / lower Lift

Key KP 9: Open / Close Stopper Bales


Hydraulic Fixed sound that sounds all the time. / bigbossmodding


3D Model, Textures AO and Ingame: ZzS (Big Boss Modding)

Script: Sven777b, Geri-G and Manuel Leithner


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