ZIL MMZ 164n Pack V 1.2


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The package includes:

Tractor ZIL – MMZ – 164n. Open doors and hood, lighting, working speedometer, fuel gauge, windshield wipers, dust from the wheels, switchable mirrors.

Semi-MMP -584 with adjustable / detachable extended sides. Capacity:

mended without on boards – 7000 l (wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, beets, silage, silage, grass, manure, feed mixture);

with extended sides – 15,000 liters (silage, grass silage, hay, straw, fodder mixture).

You can also carry bales and pallets.

Tanksattelaufliegerfür the transport of milk and water. Capacity 8000 liters.

Semitrailers, tanks for liquid manure. Capacity 8000 liters.

Semi-tanker. Capacity 8000 liters.

Semi-trailers for the transport of pigs and calves. Capacity 16 pigs or calves.

Semi-trailer for the transportation of bales with a locking load.

Semi-wood with an outsized cargo.

Semi-trailer for transport units with a bulky goods.

Also in the package there are protocols that can wear wooden truck or tractor. Purely for entertainment, a break from working in the fields, have no practical application.


The 3D Model/Texture: xaker_tm Zombi88888
Edit 2013/Scripting: Silak_68, werik

The 3D Model/Texture: Newuser MYTHBUSTER, Giants, Silak_68, werik
Edit/Scripting: Silak_68, werik[wpfilebase tag=file id=3414 /]


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