Xerion 4000 SaddleTrac v 1.0 waschbar [MP]

Xerion 4000 SaddleTrac

Xerion 4000 SaddleTrac

Xerion 4000 SaddleTrac

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The 4000 series is the latest version of Saddletrac series of Claas.
In this modification, twin tires, chains and rear weights were (all switchable) installed.
It can all add-on modules used by my 3800 series of Saddletracs.

Technical data:

Mercedes-Benz six-cylinder, turbocharged engine with 10,600 cc
kW / HP at revolutions / min at 1800 308/419
Maximum speed: 57 km / h
Maintenance costs: 55 € / day
Permanent all-wheel


allen scriptern und Teilemoddern

Download mod:


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