Westbridge Hills cow feed storage


westbridgehills-kuh-futterlager westbridgehills-kuh-futterlager1 westbridgehills-kuh-futterlager2 westbridgehills-kuh-futterlager3 westbridgehills-kuh-futterlager4 westbridgehills-kuh-futterlager5 westbridgehills-kuh-futterlager6

Hi LS community

Due to heavy demand of a feed for the cows individually camp
I am once sat translated and made a feed store separately.

Pack includes, among other digital level indicators for food storage and for wheat, barley, corn, canola, potatoes and sugar beet.

Unzip file and copy both files in the mods folder.


Modell/Textur: andre[wpfilebase tag=file id=983 /]


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