Vaia NL144R


vaia-nl144r vaia-nl144r1 vaia-nl144r2 vaia-nl144r3

Capacity: 14000 liters (14 Ton)

Supported fruits: wheat, barley, maize, canola, maize silage, grass, potato, sugarbeets, manure

This mod has the following features:
-AO textures with photographic decals
-scale 1:1
-Variable body (additional sides for silage),
-drivingParticleSystem (dust on the wheels),
-light script (turning lights).

Turning lights: keys KP 1, KP 2 and KP 3
Additional sides for silage: Key 9


Model,Textures,Ingame: Tekk4
Pistons: Giants
Wheels: SFM Modding / Tekk4
Scripts: Sven777b, fruktor, Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)[wpfilebase tag=file id=585 /]


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