URSUS C360 v 1.0

ursus-c360--144 ursus-c360--143 ursus-c360--142 ursus-c360--141 ursus-c360--14 ursus-c360--145

My father wanted to, I can think of are a ursus C 360 and year ago quarter was it as far as he was (ware history)

Now back to the mod I have a Ursus C 360’ve found on my hard drive the base model is from ls 11 and was supposed to be a pretty gefährt but then the project into oblivion came this morning I found him again and finished gestelt

he has:

– Openable windows and doors

– Esl limiter

– Small mini things

Unnecessary Comments belong to where the pepper grows

And a lot of spas

Icon of --ffne-mich --ffne-mich (8.6 MiB)

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