Unpack 9 models DAF v 1.0

packen-sie-9-modelle-daf5 packen-sie-9-modelle-daf4 packen-sie-9-modelle-daf3 packen-sie-9-modelle-daf2 packen-sie-9-modelle-daf1 packen-sie-9-modelle-daf

The package includes nine models Daf trailer. These are stationary models of trucks on the map Giants editor are placed. These models have a small size and the truck and trailer are different models that can be moved independently. The package is also a milk tanker.
These models open at Giants 5:03   Application models include fueling roadside collection centers etc.


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Icon of Ciezarowki Daf Ciezarowki Daf (16.6 MiB)

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