TGX 26.680 v8 demountable v 2.0 Pack


TGX 26.680 v8 demountable

TGX 26.680 v8 demountable

TGX 26.680 v8 demountable

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Hi Com

I’ve thought long and present you the MAN now but for disposal.

It is a MAN TGX spreaders with matching container

The container almost 15,000 L and can be set to other flatbed trailer for transport

The matching trailer for stackers do I submit again after !!

Info TGX

Purchase Price 135.000 €

€ 65 maintenance day


Press the M / N tilting boom taking on or discharging

Key J / K to Auschieben of the boom when placing it onto trailer or other high surfaces Points

Otherwise horn light etc as usual

Info Container

Purchase price € 5000

Maintenance € 5

Can wheat, barley, oilseed rape, potatoes, sugar beet, chaff and sand loading

There are two warnings for a sound file and on the other the fruit sand if it is not installed on the Map.


Modell: ETS / Werkstattleiter
Ingame: Werkstattleiter
Scripte: Verschieden


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