Tenias Galera 3 Axis 28T V 1.0

aguas-tenias-galera-3-axis-28t aguas-tenias-galera-3-axis-28t-1 aguas-tenias-galera-3-axis-28t-2 aguas-tenias-galera-3-axis-28t-3

Crops: wheat, barley, rape, maize, potato, sugarBeet, grass_windrow, chaff, manure, forage, fertilizer, seeds, silage, maizev2, oat, sunflower, rice, mohn, soybean, apfel, kalk.

Capacity: 28.000 kg



Textur AO

This trailer has 3 types of download: Hydraulic, manual and chopping.

To Elegua between the 3 types of download mod “Toggle Tip Side” is necessary.


Model 3D: Javier007
Textured: Javier007
Textures AO: Javier007

Ingame: Javier007

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