Steam Ploughing


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This is a More Relaistic Fowler BB1 Ploughing Engine and John Deere Gang Plow pack. This steam engine can pull anything with a trailer attachment and is rated @ 16 NHP (Nominal Horse Power). The engine weighs in at 20 tons and has a large turning radius. Not suggested for use on small farms due to the size and turning radius. The John Deere gang plow is an 8 bottom trailed plow with a 550 cm / 18 Ft working width.

Patch 2.0
More Realistic Mod


Scripts:TLlowering:Decker_MMIV, SmokingFarmer:Xentro, TerraTrac:shangri66, Animation Scrips:Kaosknite
Multiplayer Testing: DrUptown, Decker_MMIV, KaosKnite
Ingame Testing:DrUptown[wpfilebase tag=file id=2058 /]


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