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Hi community,

Today I want my you southern Germany Map imagine for the LS13, the map has been built from scratch, is created Hilly there is sufficient start vehicles that can start you immediately all fields stand for immediate harvest (at the court you have to undbedingt first buy the field so you can also reorder your fields).

There are now traffic

Map is SP and MP capable.

In the v2 nothing has been great, I’ve changed out the entire first seen the error are (what I geschaft for the most part), and then we’ll see what can be changed yet 🙂

‘ve Fixed all errors except for the UV error

It would all be so by Movable get our SP zocker no problems with the helper.

The unloading of turnips and potatoes I’ve marked with grass when their center because it invites ride it off 🙂

At the court are two silos, each with 600,000 L capacity, on the BGA are four silos each with 800,000 L capacity

Ball on sale in the stable yard can be fed normally (straw, grass, mixed ration, Silo)

PDA now works thanks to Meckel has made it for myself :).


Completely new designed scenery
Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, beets, potatoes, grass
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens
Sale of the eggs in the village
Sale of wool in the village
Biogas plant function
Billinger country trade and where you can sell everything except wool and eggs
Great selection of vehicles starting on your farm
The rot has been turned off
Milk can even be sold
You can only store straw
2 Garaging on the farm
… Various other features of the LS13!

Where can I use my suggestion, errors, etc. Report?

just send me a PM

Tester in Farming Simulator 2013
– LU compatriot
Special thanks to
– My reliable tester


LU Landamann


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