Slurry and Fertilizer Trailer


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This is an edit of the default water trailer to load slurry and fertilizer from the default triggers.

Because it uses default specializations it will generate two errors;
1) in the [F1] HUD saying to turn on the trailer and
2) in your log file saying that no spray usage is specified.

These in no way affect game performance but are just a function of the default scripts not being used as intended…

You can use this to load excess slurry and sell it at a sell point, as well as load fertilizer from a default trigger, dump it on the ground and then using a suitable loader that accepts fertilizer, load it into a trailer or spreader that allows filling from the air.

The trailer no longer accepts water as a fruit type…


Default Water Trailer – Giants
edits – sandgroper[wpfilebase tag=file id=2775 /]


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