Silage sapphire plate


saphir-kombi-5001-silageschild saphir-kombi-5001-silageschild1 saphir-kombi-5001-silageschild2

Hello community,

I hereby place my new and first Mod to download!

The sapphire silage shield!

This is a V1 error, etc are fixed in V2.

This shield works via mouse control, which could come in the multiplayer may be too small disturbances during unfolding, perhaps we are guilty of something to make one to the other in a V2!


Modell: Freak2009
Textur: Freak2009
Ingame: Freak2009

Hilfe & Tipps von xXMalleXx ![wpfilebase tag=file id=1280 /]


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