Scania Stax v 2.0 Rot und Blau [MP]

Scania Stax

Scania Stax

Scania Stax

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It’s just a concept. Planned for 2017. In the game looks very good.
For download I give you a pack of two trucks in different colors. I Introduced a lot of changes Compared To What it what in the beginning. There are several new scripts.

1 ESLimiter
2 Operating Hours
3 manualIgnition
4 wheelParticleSpec
5 Speed Display Control (My own idea for the display)

It has even full lighting (beleuchtung31) and very good driving properties. There were not many changes. Well, except turning.


Model: ETS / GTS
LS13: cordti83, Agrar Transporte
V2/Edit: T0bi69

Download mod:


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