Rubber car


gummiwagen--3 gummiwagen--31 gummiwagen--32 gummiwagen--33 gummiwagen--34 gummiwagen--35

here I have for you the version 3 of my rubber car.

What is installed:

tire dust
Lanes in fields
lighting V3.1
Milk transport (Thanks again to Marhu for permission to use the script!)
brake sound

Application: for the transportation of milk in cans (for dairy or breeding facilities), potatoes, wheat, canola, corn, sugar beets, oats, rye, barley and sunflowers in sacks and onions and carrots in boxes.

Although no normal crop covers are installed, the trailer is normally loaded by shovel, conveyor or silo and discharged to the normal places.

The milk can trigger by pressing (O) – “Show label”
be made visible.
It can also be equipment or transporting bales, but without attacher, but are held by the flaps. But beware, the flaps are not very high and therefore hip drive slowly! 😉

The peasant woman is masked out.

Splenterlappen and bucket move.


Modname: Gummiwagen
Autoren: Schwaki (Gummiwagen),
Marhu, HatzFan und -Kolbenfresser- (Milchfunktion)
Datum: 08/2013


Eigenbau schwaki
Milchfunktion von HatzFan, Marhu und -Kolbenfresser-

Keine neue Veröffentlichung ohne die Zustimmung von Schwaki.[wpfilebase tag=file id=368 /]


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