Rod Lega Rage V 1.2

stablegaragenew_v1-0 (1) stablegaragenew_v1-0 (2) stablegaragenew_v1-0

This is the original San Francisco Giants Hall (“rod-lega rage”). You can now be fully used as a hall. All gates and doors are annimiert and walkable.

Enjoy Thus, Joerg_B | korn raven

ups-almost forgot-

The model must be built with The GIANTS Editor.

– In the modDesc has the “entry

<sourceFile filename=”Map/scripte/DoorTrigger.lua” />
</ Extra source files>

be added.


and you’re ready to go `s.


Modell: Giants-Software
Script: Matzep ( DoorTrigger 1.2)
Texturen aussen: Orginal-Giants
Texturen innen: Joerg_B | kOrnRabe
Modell -Bearbeitung: Joerg_B | kOrnRabe

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