Repented in Upper Swabia


reute-in-oberschwaben reute-in-oberschwaben1 reute-in-oberschwaben2 reute-in-oberschwaben3 reute-in-oberschwaben4 reute-in-oberschwaben5 reute-in-oberschwaben6 reute-in-oberschwaben7

This map is a recreation of our town and its Umgebung.Sie is designed for small and medium-sized equipment.

the following was installed


-AlternativeTipping (for sand)

Dung and Güllemod

Sell vehicles at dealers

Quarry for some coal on the side to verdienen.Hoffe can soon dredge properly as in ls11

Stall to muck

Load-crane for straw bales

-Roads have been widened curves do not always fit together perfectly

lied to a UVs out of range, which comes from the quarry, clean


Jona +Volker

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