Repented in Upper Swabia


reute-in-oberschwaben--3 reute-in-oberschwaben--31 reute-in-oberschwaben--32 reute-in-oberschwaben--33 reute-in-oberschwaben--34 reute-in-oberschwaben--35 reute-in-oberschwaben--36

Hello together with the V2 Reute in Upper Swabia

This map is a recreation of our town and its Umgebung.Sie is designed for small and medium-sized equipment.

following was used in V1


-AlternativeTipping (for sand)

(Download at modhoster and in the mods folder) dung and Güllemod

Sell vehicles at dealers

Quarry for some coal on the side to verdienen.Hoffe can soon dredge properly as in ls11

Stall to muck

Load-crane for straw bales

-Roads have been widened curves do not always fit together perfectly

unlock-all fields


New in the V2

-Rebuilt for patch 2.0

PDA newly

New textures for all types of fruit


Jona +Volker[wpfilebase tag=file id=1361 /]


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