Reck Jumbo Silage Distributor V 1.0 MR


reck-jumbo-silageverteiler-71 reck-jumbo-silageverteiler-11 reck-jumbo-silageverteiler-10 reck-jumbo-silageverteiler-9 reck-jumbo-silageverteiler-8

The stretch jumbo dispenser bucket is ideal for spreading and compacting your silage.

Polycount : 6444
Textures : Diffuse , Specular
The normal version of the mod is NOT compatible with MR Mods!
The normal version of this mod is NOT compatible with MR Mods!

increased compaction of the silage in contact with the silage Plane ( lower by Mouse Control )
Lifting / lowering by Mouse Control
Swinging by Mouse Control
Speed increase in use
new particleSystem


    Model: CeeZee
Texture: 1300_turbo , Katsuo
Ingame: Wopster , John Deere 6930 , Face

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