Randazzo tandem TP60


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Hello to Friends of Farming,

after many tractor trailers I wanted to make these for my fans and not only . The style is one of my latest mod , with weight and size ( scale 1:1). The project was realized thanks to the manufacturer ( Randazzo Brothers ) that in addition to the maximum collaboration has also provided the CAD model that I had to remodel due to excessive polygons ; thanks to JD7530 for counseling and manipulation of CAD files . This mod , despite the high number of polygons in the game proves to be very light , confirming the quality of the work .


• The load capacity is 37.400L . :

• Length of the body is 6m . banks with over 60cm . ;

• Fully animated ;

• Weight load transported and realistic ;

• Washable after 2 hours of work.

Credits : Ago- Modding the Scripts used : Sven777b , Manuel Leithner , fruktor , fireandice .

Thanks to my team (Modhoster Team) especially in meyer123 and fin050808, for testing SP-MP

Good game!



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