Pack Lemken ZIRCON v 0.9 Washable


pack-lemken-zirkon-10-xxx4 pack-lemken-zirkon-10-xxx3 pack-lemken-zirkon-10-xxx2 pack-lemken-zirkon-10-xxx1 pack-lemken-zirkon-10-xxx


I present the Beebonk pack 10/XXX

3, 4 and 6m, with 3rd item to drill.

the worker takes into account the drill to do this you must:

1) attach the zircon

2) attach the drill

3) attach a cup before

particle system:

3m on the correct, but not the 4 and 6m

lifting from 6m is a review


Model : [e-3D Modding]
in game & srcipt : [e-3D Modding]
texture : [e-3D Modding][wpfilebase tag=file id=3450 /]


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