Oldigewicht 400kg 600kg


oldigewicht-400kg-600kg oldigewicht-400kg-600kg1 oldigewicht-400kg-600kg2 oldigewicht-400kg-600kg3 oldigewicht-400kg-600kg4 oldigewicht-400kg-600kg5

Here I have a vintage pack weights. It contains a 400 kg and a 600 kg. It can be attached to the front coupling of the tractors. The weights are mutually Coupleable and a trailer can be hitched to the weight.

By the two different weights and better Abstiimbarkeit less need for large tractor weights.

Be delivered on a pallet.

First time only in a rusty green skin. If demand for other skins are available. otherwise inquire via PM

Log free

Price 30 and 60 LS

Patch 2.0 is required.


Idee, ingame und Textur by Gnescher

Palettenmod von?[wpfilebase tag=file id=849 /]


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