New Holland TG 285

fsScreen_2013_10_27_12_45_56 fsScreen_2013_10_27_12_45_51 fsScreen_2013_10_27_12_45_47 fsScreen_2013_10_27_12_44_43 fsScreen_2013_10_27_12_46_01 fsScreen_2013_10_27_12_42_10Mods Management:
Home-turn on / off the beacon
5,6-turn on / off Halogen
Mods errors:
I did not notice
Mods include:
When the tail lights Halogens lights on the stairs
Not bad for a texture,
Price: $ 112,000


Pro Farm

Icon of NewHolland TG285 NewHolland TG285 (11.7 MiB)

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