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Mods Management

Num5-turn on / off the front, operating lights
Num6-on / off terminal, operating lights
Num1-turn on / off the left turn
Num2-turn on / off emergency
Num3-turn on / turn off holding the right
F-light – turn on / off the shredder
B-turn on / off the threshing
K-working / transport modes
O-expand / collapse the grain discharge auger
V-lower / raise the cutter
X-capture cutter from falling

The modifications are:

Cool lighting
Operating turns
There crusher
Threshing dusty
Going through the soil, there is dust
There trawl to cutter
cool sounds
Inside the silent sounds
Intense and powerful harvester

Additional information:

Combine price: $ 195,000

Exposure: $ 275
Hopper capacity: 10.5 liters
Kedera price: $ 55,000
Exposure time: 45 $

Traliukas price: $ 15,000
Exposure time: 5 $


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