New Holland CR 9090


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Hello everyone. Today I present to you combine for a very large farms. The New Holland CR 9090.
I introduced many changes. Below you can see a description of the function. Only Cutter Trailer has been left unchanged. Read what I wrote below and enjoy the game! 🙂

New Holland CR 9090

– Operating position / Transport -> Press L

– Rotating Rotors

– Standard lighting

– Straw Spec -> Press M

– Hand Brake -> Press Space (New!)

– Operating Hours & ES Limiter (New!)

– Manual Ignition -> Press KP Enter (New!)

– Real Exhaust Particle System (New!)

– And a few others like new wheels, driving physics …

New Holland Varifeed

– Manually activated rape the approach under the header -> Press J

– Movable knife blades

– Slowly turn on the cutter

– Fruit Animation (New!)

Important Informations

1. Engine Power: 570 HP

2. Grain tank capacity: 12500 l

3. Daily Upkeep: 700   ||    Price: 360000

4. Fuel tank capacity: 1160


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