MrFox Customs Tractor v 1.0 MR [MP]


MrFox Customs Tractor

MrFox Customs Tractor

MrFox Customs Tractor

Here I have my last project, the MrFox Customs Tractor for you.

The tug is fictitious and is inspired by the American big tugs in the 50s.

In America this time large, powerful tractors were rare which is why some farmers to built their own machines,

it even came to the these DIY projects so well worked that the builders of other farmers also built tractors, so companies such as arose. Rome.

Will read although the author does not give the tractor in real but that it COULD give him ^ ^

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For me it was a special project because it is the second tractor I own in governing themselves Modeled, Textured and geingamed have complete and

it is the first major tractor that I built myself, one or the other remembers villeicht on my homemade tractor (

This was but a little small so I wanted to dedicate my time a monster.

Who wants to drive a fictitious tractors do not need in the comments complain because the comments of art I will not even answer / note.

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The data of the tractor, even if it is fictitious, it is built realistic. The engine is a 6 cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger Cummis and water cooling.

From the 16-liter capacity output of 700 hp is generated. The tractor has a proven Spicer transmission with 4 groups and 7 courses, the maximum speed is 35 km / h

Like most tractor from the time this one has only a drawbar and no rear hydraulics, since it but I have in the LS of matching implements with drawbar (= Low attacher) lack searched for a solution and found.

It is the three-point car, with this it is possible to use the tractor and three-point devices. Furthermore, there were also those hangers for real.

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The tractor also includes many functions, you can open the hood or even entirely remove, the doors can be opened and grow Terra tires. One can grow sun grid (seen at eg. Niva SK 5)

and blinkers / working lights turn on. The tractor is fully animated, the engine cooling fan pulley and injection pump drive are animated Drehzahlabhänging, also all of the drive shafts with universal joints are animated.

A special feature for realists is the Pendelbare joint can to compensate for uneven the rear commuting what is realistically represented also at the knee joint.

The three-point car is also like the tractor fully animated, an optical “treats” is the drive mechanism of the trailer on the animated PTO. Since the trailer has no gearbox and the PTO shaft rotates in one direction only is it

Realistically, only when the PTO eg. is disconnected when reversing, which is also realistic thanks to the ImplementLinks script fails.

The tractor has further Realexhaust the scripts and in the MR version of the gear shift model Eicher.

I note please that there may be problem with the three-point car, just in the MR version. Thus, the tractor, the trailer is not (script technical) I was able to “testvehicle”

Command that is necessary to adjust the hydraulics in MR, do not apply!

The camera rotation is animation for the inner camera, the purpose is quite simple. Who is playing with the steering wheel or joystick controller knows the problem, especially in the Interior

the camera rotates very slowly on the directional pad, then it is very annoying to always quickly grab for the mouse, for example. during hard driving on the silo.

I have therefore set the animation to a button on the steering wheel so I can “turn” always quick with something.

The tractor has no Manual Ignition script as I and most I know use the automatically installed in all vehicles the version.

Download for Manual Ignition:–3


Modell: MrFox
Texturen: MrFox
Ingame: MrFox
Sounds: maxatvs (Youtube), MrFox
Scripte: Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, PeterJ, modelleicher, face, fendtfahrer(95),

Dank an: PanikRacker, schlüterfan1977, DLSOF, MW Team, Trac Schmiede, Karvon für das Video und alle die getestet haben.


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