MF 3080 edit ikas

 fsScreen_2013_11_30_12_38_02 fsScreen_2013_11_30_12_37_59 fsScreen_2013_11_30_12_37_56 fsScreen_2013_11_30_12_37_54 fsScreen_2013_11_30_12_37_51 fsScreen_2013_11_30_12_37_49

Once I’ve got sitting around,
8 opening rear window
5 6 opens doors
F turns on the light.
Shows the speed of the cab
realistic smoke
Ploughing Mod
Inside the silent sounds

Additional information:
Price: 800 $
Daily maintenance fee: $ 46


 edit ikas

Icon of MF3080 Edit Ikas MF3080 Edit Ikas (11.9 MiB)

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